Baron Garth Tolain

Baron of Dunwield, Fire mage, Enemy of Frostwraith


(these are what you assigned him Mark, I will be “subjecting them to change”, but this will be the basis.)
Garth Tolain
Baron of Dunwield

Agility Smarts Strength Spirit Vigor
Charisma Pace Parry Toughness
Persuasion D6
Knowledge (Stewardship) D6
Knowledge (Arcana) D8
Riding D4
Elementalism (fyr) D8

Noble Baron
Filthy rich
Arcane background Elementalism (fyr)

Anaemic (minor)
-2 Vigor to resist sickness, disease, poison, environment
Mean (minor)
-2 to his Charisma for ill-temper and surliness
Vengeful (major)


Born around the same time as frostwraith, Garth first son of Emeric Tolain grew up closely with his liege lord’s son, and where frostwraith was strong, athletic and good with people, garth was none of these and found his father constantly reminding him of this and comparing him to this abomination. Overtime this hatred grew, but garth found he had a talent for magic and fyr magic particularly. This he learned, and very well, but still disappointed his father who wanted a more athletic son and not so bookish and sickly. The final straw came when a girl that garth had loved for years started hanging around with frostwraith and shunned him, then everything changed for garth in his 26th year his father died leaving his lands and titles to his only son. his plotting increases but he is still unable to move against his liege lords son the bain and reason why his father didn’t respect him, and then suddenly all his dreams came true frostwraith gives up his claim and joins the grey legion giving garth the chance to take his revenge on this nemesis but still wants to be there to watch him die, as he was when he killed his own father..

Baron Garth Tolain

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